NRS 631.363
Appointment of member or agent to conduct investigation and hearing

  • notice of hearing
  • report
  • hearing or adoption of report by Board.


The Board may appoint one of its members and any of its employees, investigators or other agents to conduct an investigation and informal hearing concerning any practice by a person constituting a violation of the provisions of this chapter or the regulations of the Board.


The investigator designated by the Board to conduct a hearing shall notify the person being investigated at least 10 days before the date set for the hearing. The notice must describe the reasons for the investigation and must be served personally on the person being investigated or by mailing it by registered or certified mail to his or her last known address.


If, after the hearing, the investigator determines that the Board should take further action concerning the matter, the investigator shall prepare written findings of fact and conclusions and submit them to the Board. A copy of the report must be sent to the person being investigated.


If the Board, after receiving the report of its investigator pursuant to this section, holds its own hearing on the matter pursuant to NRS 631.360, it may consider the investigator’s report but is not bound by his or her findings or conclusions. The investigator and any member of a review panel appointed pursuant to NRS 631.3635 shall not participate in the hearing conducted by the Board.


If the person who was investigated agrees in writing to the findings and conclusions of the investigator, the Board may adopt that report as its final order and take such action as is necessary without conducting its own hearing on the matter.

Source: Section 631.363 — Appointment of member or agent to conduct investigation and hearing; notice of hearing; report; hearing or adoption of report by Board., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-631.­html#NRS631Sec363.

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