NRS 631.350
Authorized disciplinary or other action

  • grounds
  • delegation of authority to take disciplinary action
  • deposit of fines
  • claim for attorney’s fees and costs of investigation
  • private reprimands prohibited
  • orders imposing discipline deemed public records.


Except as otherwise provided in NRS 631.271, 631.2715 and 631.347, the Board may:


Refuse to issue a license to any person;


Revoke or suspend the license or renewal certificate issued by it to any person;


Fine a person it has licensed;


Place a person on probation for a specified period on any conditions the Board may order;


Issue a public reprimand to a person;


Limit a person’s practice to certain branches of dentistry;


Require a person to participate in a program relating to an alcohol or other substance use disorder or any other impairment;


Require that a person’s practice be supervised;


Require a person to perform community service without compensation;


Require a person to take a physical or mental examination or an examination of his or her competence;


Require a person to fulfill certain training or educational requirements;


Require a person to reimburse a patient; or


Any combination thereof,
Ê if the Board finds, by a preponderance of the evidence, that the person has engaged in any of the activities listed in subsection 2.


The following activities may be punished as provided in subsection 1:


Engaging in the illegal practice of dentistry or dental hygiene;


Engaging in unprofessional conduct; or


Violating any regulations adopted by the Board or the provisions of this chapter.


The Board may delegate to a hearing officer or panel its authority to take any disciplinary action pursuant to this chapter, impose and collect fines therefor and deposit the money therefrom in banks, credit unions, savings and loan associations or savings banks in this State.


If a hearing officer or panel is not authorized to take disciplinary action pursuant to subsection 3 and the Board deposits the money collected from the imposition of fines with the State Treasurer for credit to the State General Fund, it may present a claim to the State Board of Examiners for recommendation to the Interim Finance Committee if money is needed to pay attorney’s fees or the costs of an investigation, or both.


The Board shall not administer a private reprimand.


An order that imposes discipline and the findings of fact and conclusions of law supporting that order are public records.

Source: Section 631.350 — Authorized disciplinary or other action; grounds; delegation of authority to take disciplinary action; deposit of fines; claim for attorney’s fees and costs of investigation; private reprimands prohibited; orders imposing discipline deemed public records., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-631.­html#NRS631Sec350.

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