Nevada Juvenile Justice

Sec. § 63.340
Trust fund for money and valuables accepted from child; disposition of money and valuables upon discharge.


The superintendent of a facility may accept money and other valuables of a child in the facility for safekeeping pending the discharge of the child.


To carry out the purposes of this section, the superintendent of a facility shall establish a trust fund in a qualified financial institution.


If the superintendent of a facility accepts money or other valuables of a child for safekeeping, the superintendent shall:


Deposit the money in the trust fund established pursuant to this section;


Keep a full account of any money and valuables; and


Submit reports to the Administrator of the Division of Child and Family Services regarding the money and valuables as the Administrator may require.


When a child is discharged from the facility, the superintendent of the facility shall:


Issue to the child a check in the amount of the balance held in the trust fund for the child; and


Return to the child any valuables held for safekeeping.


If a check that is issued to a child pursuant to this section has not been cashed within 6 months from the date on which the check was issued, the superintendent of the facility may transfer the amount of the uncashed check to the gift account. Each check issued to a child must be stamped “void after 6 months from date of issue.”

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