Nevada Juvenile Justice

Sec. § 62C.120
Petition alleging that child committed certain sexual or violent acts: District attorney required to provide certain documentation to victim.


If a petition filed pursuant to the provisions of this title contains allegations that a child committed an unlawful act which would have been a sexual offense if committed by an adult or which involved the use or threatened use of force or violence against the victim, the district attorney shall provide to the victim and, if the victim is less than 18 years of age, to the parent or guardian of the victim, as soon as practicable after the petition is filed, documentation that includes:


A form advising the victim and the parent or guardian of the victim of their rights pursuant to the provisions of this title; and


The form or procedure that must be used to request disclosure pursuant to NRS 62D.440.


As used in this section, “sexual offense” means:


Sexual assault pursuant to NRS 200.366;


Battery with intent to commit sexual assault pursuant to NRS 200.400;


An offense involving pornography and a minor pursuant to NRS 200.710 to 200.730, inclusive;


Open or gross lewdness pursuant to NRS 201.210;


Indecent or obscene exposure pursuant to NRS 201.220;


Lewdness with a child pursuant to NRS 201.230;


Sexual penetration of a dead human body pursuant to NRS 201.450;


Luring a child or person with mental illness pursuant to NRS 201.560, if punishable as a felony; or


An attempt to commit an offense listed in this subsection.

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