Nevada Juvenile Justice

Sec. § 62C.110
Petition: Signature; verification; contents.


Before a petition alleging delinquency or need of supervision or a petition for revocation may be filed with the juvenile court, the district attorney must prepare and sign the petition. The district attorney shall represent the petitioner in all proceedings.


The petition must be:


Entitled, “In the Matter of ................, a child”; and


Verified by the person who signs it.


The petition must set forth specifically:


The facts which bring the child within the jurisdiction of the juvenile court and the date when delinquency occurred or need of supervision arose.


The name, date of birth and address of the residence of the child.


The name and address of the residence of the parent or guardian of the child. If the parent or guardian of the child does not reside or cannot be found within this State, or if the address of the parent or guardian is unknown:


The name of any known adult relative residing within this State; or


If no known adult relative resides within this State, the known adult relative residing nearest to the juvenile court.


The name and address of the spouse of the child, if any.


Whether the child is in custody and, if so, the place of detention and the time the child was taken into custody.


If any of the facts required by subsection 3 are not known, the petition must so state.


In addition to the information required pursuant to this section, a petition alleging that a child is in need of supervision must contain the following information regarding efforts made to modify the behavior of the child:


A list of the local programs to which the child was referred; and


Other efforts taken in the community.
Ê The provisions of this subsection do not apply to a child who is alleged to be in need of supervision because the child is a habitual truant.

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