Nevada Trade Regulations and Practices

Sec. § 597.890
Advertising that climate of facility for storage of personal property is controlled: Requirements; penalty; civil liability.


The owner of a facility for the storage of personal property or a person acting on his or her behalf shall not advertise that the facility is “climate controlled” unless the advertisement specifies the range of the minimum and maximum temperature and humidity within which the facility is maintained.


If an owner or a person acting on his or her behalf fails to indicate the range of temperature and humidity of a facility in any advertisement that refers to it as being “climate controlled” or fails to maintain the temperature and humidity of the facility within the advertised range, the owner is guilty of a misdemeanor and is liable to the occupant for any damages that are caused to the occupant’s personal property as a result of extremes in temperature or humidity, notwithstanding any contrary provision in the rental agreement.


As used in this section, the terms “facility,” “occupant,” “owner,” “personal property” and “rental agreement” have the meanings ascribed to them respectively in NRS 108.4733 to 108.4748, inclusive.

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