Nevada Trade Regulations and Practices

Sec. § 597.820
Profiteering in articles on which there is sales tax; penalty.


No person, dealer, firm, agency, partnership, corporation, service station, garage, or business concern of any kind, wholesale or retail, shall add to the selling price of any article of merchandise, commodity, service or utility, motor part or accessory, tire, gasoline or other motor fuel or lubricating liquid, or any article whatsoever upon which there is or hereafter may be a sales tax, either federal or state, when sold, offered or exposed for sale, trade or barter in this State, more than the actual amount of such sales tax in the smallest unit under which any of such articles is offered for sale or sold; provided, that where such sales tax in case of units of any such merchandise or articles amounts to less than 1 cent, 1 cent and no more may be added to the price of the unit when sold.


A violation of the provisions of subsection 1 shall be a misdemeanor.

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