NRS 590.535
Use of containers

  • required licenses
  • exceptions.


No person, firm or corporation, other than the owner and those authorized by the owner so to do, shall sell, fill, refill, deliver or permit to be delivered, or use in any manner any liquefied petroleum gas container or receptacle for any gas, compound, or for any other purpose whatsoever.


No person, firm or corporation shall hereafter engage in this state in the business of manufacturing, fabricating, assembling, selling or installing any systems, containers, apparatuses or appliances used, or to be used, in this state for the transportation, storage, dispensation or utilization of LPG, nor shall any transporter, distributor or retailer of LPG engage in storing, dispensing or utilizing, nor shall any transporter, distributor or retailer dispense or transport over the highways of this state any LPG intended for use in this state in any system, container, apparatus or appliance without having first applied and obtained from the Board a license to do so.


The licenses required by this section shall not apply to the following types of businesses or operations:


Those engaged in the production or manufacture of LPG.


Those engaged in the wholesale selling or reselling of LPG to transporters, industrial consumers, processors, distributors or retailers, except wholesalers selling to ultimate consumers in this state.


Those selling or delivering motor vehicles or tractors, or supplying the same, which are factory-equipped with an LP-Gas system, container, apparatus or appliance for the utilization therein of LPG as motor fuel.

Source: Section 590.535 — Use of containers; required licenses; exceptions., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-590.­html#NRS590Sec535.

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Feb. 5, 2021

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