NRS 590.515
Regulations of Board: Generally.


In addition to any other regulations it is authorized or required to adopt, the Board shall adopt such other regulations as are reasonably necessary for the:


Protection of the health, welfare and safety of the public and persons using liquefied petroleum gases;


Provision of reasonable and adequate service to those persons using liquefied petroleum gases; and


Regulation of the removal of a tank from a customer’s premises and the maximum time allowable between the request and the removal. The Board shall consider the presence of fences or other physical impediments to the removal of the tank in determining reasonable exceptions to the time allowed for removal.


All regulations adopted by the Board relating to safety must be in substantial conformity with the generally accepted standards of safety concerning the same subject matter. Regulations adopted by the Board relating to safety in the storage, distribution, dispensing, transporting and utilization of LPG in this State and in the manufacture, fabrication, assembly, sale, installation and use of LPG systems, containers, apparatus or appliances must be just and reasonable and must conform, as nearly as possible, to the standards of the National Fire Protection Association, relating to the design, construction, installation and use of systems, containers, apparatus, appliances and pertinent equipment for the storage, transportation, dispensation and utilization of LPG.


In addition, the Board shall adopt regulations which:


Provide for the Board, through its staff, to:


Respond to inquiries and complaints from persons who use liquefied petroleum gas;


Assist persons who use liquefied petroleum gas in obtaining liquefied petroleum gas in an emergency; and


Facilitate the resolution of disputes between licensees and their customers.
Ê The provisions of this paragraph do not impose a duty upon the Board to provide financial assistance to any person.


Provide for the hearing and mediation of complaints filed by persons who use liquefied petroleum gas. Any such hearing must be open to the public, recorded on tape and prior notice thereof must be mailed by the Board to any person who requests to receive notice of such hearings.


Require each licensee to disclose uniformly information which the Board determines is necessary to disseminate to the licensees’ customers and prospective customers. The Board may adopt forms for such disclosures, but shall also require each licensee to post its rates and, upon request, disclose by telephone its applicable rates to existing and potential customers who so inquire.

Source: Section 590.515 — Regulations of Board: Generally., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-590.­html#NRS590Sec515.

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