Nevada Water

Sec. § 539.055
Canvass of votes; order declaring territory formed as district under designated name; recording of order and plat.


The board of county commissioners shall meet on or before the sixth working day succeeding such election and proceed to canvass the votes cast thereat.


If upon such canvass it appears that a majority of the electors voted “Irrigation District — Yes,” the board, by an order entered upon its minutes, shall:


Declare such territory duly organized as an irrigation district under the name and style theretofore designated.


Declare the persons receiving respectively the highest number of votes for directors to be duly elected.


Cause a copy of such order and a plat of the district, each duly certified by the clerk of the board of county commissioners, to be immediately filed for record in the office of the county recorder of each county in which any portion of such lands is situated. Certified copies thereof shall also be filed with the county clerks of such counties.


Thereafter, the organization of the district shall be complete.

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