NRS 538.041

As used in NRS 538.041 to 538.251, inclusive, unless the context otherwise requires:


“Colorado River” means the Colorado River and all of the tributaries of the river.


“Commission” means the Colorado River Commission of Nevada.


“Commissioner” means a commissioner of the Colorado River Commission of Nevada.


“Executive Director” means the Executive Director of the Colorado River Commission of Nevada.


“Southern Nevada Water Authority” means the political subdivision of the State of Nevada created on July 25, 1991, by a cooperative agreement entered into on that date pursuant to the provisions of NRS 277.080 to 277.180, inclusive.


“Supplemental water” means water from any source which, if acquired, would allow water to be used consumptively from the mainstream of the Colorado River in excess of Nevada’s apportionment pursuant to the Boulder Canyon Project Act of 1928. The term does not include water from:


Lake Tahoe;


The Truckee, Carson or Walker River;


Any groundwater within the State of Nevada, other than groundwater within Clark County; or


Any surface water within the State of Nevada or that flows into the State of Nevada, other than the waters of the Colorado River,
Ê unless the State Engineer authorizes the transfer of that water to the Colorado River pursuant to the provisions of this chapter or chapter 532, 533 or 534 of NRS.


“Water purveyor” means a public entity created by or pursuant to the laws of this State which:


Is engaged in:


The acquisition of water on behalf of, or the delivery of water to, another water purveyor; or


The retail delivery of water in this State; and


Is not a member of another such public entity that is itself engaged in the activities described in paragraph (a).

Source: Section 538.041 — Definitions., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-538.­html#NRS538Sec041.

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