NRS 501.359
Wildlife Imprest Account.


The Wildlife Imprest Account in the amount of $15,000 is hereby created for the use of the Department, subject to the following conditions:


The money must be deposited in a bank or credit union qualified to receive deposits of public money, except that $500 must be kept in the custody of an employee designated by the Director for immediate use for purposes set forth in this section.


The Account must be replenished periodically from the Wildlife Account in the State General Fund upon approval of expenditures as required by law and submission of vouchers or other documents to indicate payment as may be prescribed.


The Wildlife Imprest Account may be used to pay for postage, C.O.D. packages, travel or other minor expenses which are proper as claims for payment from the Wildlife Account in the State General Fund.


The Wildlife Imprest Account may be used to provide money to employees of the Department for travel expenses and subsistence allowances arising out of their official duties or employment. All advances constitute a lien in favor of the Department upon the accrued wages of the requesting employee in an amount equal to the money advanced, but the Director may advance more than the amount of the accrued wages of the employee. Upon the return of the employee, the employee is entitled to receive money for any authorized expenses and subsistence in excess of the amount advanced.

Source: Section 501.359 — Wildlife Imprest Account., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-501.­html#NRS501Sec359.

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