NRS 501.337
Director: Duties.

The Director shall:


Carry out the policies and regulations of the Commission.


Direct and supervise all administrative and operational activities of the Department, and all programs administered by the Department as provided by law. Except as otherwise provided in NRS 284.143, the Director shall devote his or her entire time to the duties of the office and shall not follow any other gainful employment or occupation.


Within such limitations as may be provided by law, organize the Department and, from time to time with the consent of the Commission, may alter the organization. The Director shall reassign responsibilities and duties as he or she may deem appropriate.


Appoint or remove such technical, clerical and operational staff as the execution of his or her duties and the operation of the Department may require, and all those employees are responsible to the Director for the proper carrying out of the duties and responsibilities of their respective positions. The Director shall designate a number of employees as game wardens and provide for their training.


Submit technical and other reports to the Commission as may be necessary or as may be requested, which will enable the Commission to establish policy and regulations.


Prepare, in consultation with the Commission, the biennial budget of the Department consistent with the provisions of this title, chapter 488 of NRS and NRS 701.610 to 701.640, inclusive, and submit it to the Commission for its review and recommendation before the budget is submitted to the Chief of the Budget Division of the Office of Finance pursuant to NRS 353.210.


Administer real property assigned to the Department.


Maintain full control, by proper methods and inventories, of all personal property of the State acquired and held for the purposes contemplated by this title and by chapter 488 of NRS.


Act as nonvoting Secretary to the Commission.


Adopt the regulations required pursuant to NRS 701.610 and 701.630.

Source: Section 501.337 — Director: Duties., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-501.­html#NRS501Sec337.

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