NRS 495.210
Payment or tender of compensation.


Within 30 days after the final confirmation of the report, the corporation shall, as ordered by the court, pay or tender the sum of money ascertained and assessed by the commissioners as compensation for each tract of land described in the report.


The payment or tender may be made:


To the person or persons owning the tract of land, or having or holding any right, title or interest therein, according to the amount or extent of the right, title or interest owned or held therein by such person or persons; or


To the clerk for such persons, and the same shall be deemed and taken as a payment to such person or persons, and shall be as effectual for all purposes whatsoever as if the sum of money had been personally paid to each and all of the persons entitled thereto.


The court shall, at the time of the payment of the sum of money to the clerk, or at such other time or times as may be ordered, direct and order the same to be paid over to the person or persons who shall, upon satisfactory proof, appear to be entitled thereto.

Source: Section 495.210 — Payment or tender of compensation., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-495.­html#NRS495Sec210.

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