Nevada Public Safety; Vehicles; Watercraft

Sec. § 489.416
Grounds for disciplinary action: Substandard or unsafe workmanship; failure to honor warranty or other guarantee; performing act requiring licensure in grossly negligent or incompetent manner.

The following grounds, among others, constitute grounds for disciplinary action under NRS 489.381:


Workmanship which:


Is not commensurate with standards of the trade in general;


Is below standards adopted by the Division or the codes and standards adopted pursuant to this chapter and chapter 461 of NRS, and any regulations adopted pursuant thereto; or


Endangers the life and safety of an occupant of a manufactured home, mobile home, manufactured building or commercial coach or factory-built housing.


Failure to honor any warranty or other guarantee given by a licensee for workmanship or material as a condition of securing a contract, or of selling, distributing, leasing, reconstructing, improving, repairing or installing any manufactured home, mobile home, manufactured building, commercial coach, factory-built housing or accessory structure.


Gross negligence or incompetence in performing an act for which a license is required pursuant to this chapter.

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