NRS 482.3817
Retired military vehicles.


The Department may issue special license plates and registration certificates to residents of Nevada for a retired military vehicle pursuant to this section. The Department shall not design, prepare or issue the license plates unless it receives at least 25 applications for the issuance of those plates. The retired military vehicle must not be used for general transportation but may be used for exhibitions, parades, charitable events, fundraisers or similar activities.


In lieu of the annual registration fees required by this chapter, and of the governmental services tax imposed by chapter 371 of NRS, the owner of a retired military vehicle seeking registration pursuant to this section may submit:


An affidavit to the Department indicating that the retired military vehicle:


Will only be used for the purposes enumerated in subsection 1;


Is safe to be operated on the highways of this State; and


Will be at least 20 years old on the date on which the owner of the retired military vehicle applies for license plates pursuant to this section.


The following fees for the issuance of license plates pursuant to this section:


For the first issuance........................................................................................ $25


For a renewal sticker......................................................................................... $10


A retired military vehicle registered pursuant to this section must not be operated on the highways of this State unless the vehicle complies with the provisions of NRS 484D.600 to 484D.740, inclusive, and, if the vehicle is a retired military vehicle with:


Tires, is equipped with rubber tires that will not damage the roadway surface and have a maximum vehicle tire pressure of not more than 125 pounds per square inch.


Tracks, has a circular metal band of a width of not less than 3 inches placed entirely around the periphery of such tracks, such band to serve as a protection against the tearing up or marring of the surface of the highway.


The Department shall use to register a retired military vehicle pursuant to this section any vehicle identification number that is clearly visible and is securely affixed to or stamped on an integral part of the vehicle. If no such number is available, the Department may assign a distinguishing number pursuant to NRS 482.290.


License plates issued pursuant to this section must bear the inscription “Retired Military Vehicle” and the plates must be numbered consecutively.


The cost of the die and the modifications necessary for the issuance of a license plate pursuant to this section must be paid from private sources without any expense to the State of Nevada.


If, during a registration year, the holder of license plates issued pursuant to the provisions of this section disposes of the retired military vehicle to which the plates are affixed, the holder shall:


Retain the plates and affix them to another vehicle that meets the requirements of this section if the transfer and registration fees are paid as set out in this chapter; or


Within 30 days after removing the plates from the vehicle, return them to the Department.


As used in this section, “retired military vehicle” means any vehicle or trailer, regardless of size, weight or year of manufacture, that was manufactured for use in the military forces of any country and is maintained to depict or represent military design or markings. The term includes, without limitation, armored vehicles, passenger cars, half-track vehicles, motorcycles, pick-up trucks, sport utility vehicles, tracked vehicles, trailers, trucks and truck-tractors.

Source: Section 482.3817 — Retired military vehicles., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-482.­html#NRS482Sec3817.

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