NRS 474.385


If the board of directors deems it in the best interest of the district that the boundaries of the district be changed as proposed or as altered by the exclusion of lands not benefited, the board shall submit the question of the change in boundaries at the next primary or general election to be held in the district, and at the primary or general election to be held at the same time within the territory to be annexed.


Notice of the elections must be given in the same manner as that prescribed for annual elections of directors. The notice of election must describe the proposed change of the boundaries in such manner and terms that it can readily be traced.


The ballots cast at the election must contain the words “For change of boundary,” or “Against change of boundary,” or words equivalent thereto.


The qualifications for voters must be the same as for other elections in the district, and votes by proxy must be allowed as in such other elections.
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Jun. 24, 2021

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