Nevada Gaming; Horse Racing; Sporting Events

Sec. § 463B.250
Objection to suitability of supervisor; petition for account or review of qualifications or performance of supervisor; petition for removal of supervisor or termination of supervision.


Any person who suffers or is likely to suffer direct financial injury as the result of an act or omission of a supervisor may file an objection with the Commission to the suitability of the supervisor.


Any person described in subsection 1 may petition the district court which made the appointment for an accounting or for a review of the supervisor’s qualifications or performance.


If at any time the district court finds that a supervisor is not qualified or available to serve as supervisor, it shall request from the Commission the names of two or more persons who the Commission believes are suitable and qualified to manage a gaming establishment and are available to serve as a supervisor unless, in the opinion of the Commission, only one person is available who is qualified to serve, in which case the Commission may name only that person.


The Commission may, at any time after the appointment of a supervisor, petition the court for the removal of the supervisor and the appointment of a new supervisor or for the termination of the supervision.

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