Nevada Gaming; Horse Racing; Sporting Events

Sec. § 463B.160
Powers of supervisor.

The supervisor may:


Hire, discipline and dismiss employees of the gaming establishment, and fix the compensation of its employees.


Engage independent legal counsel and accountants.


Settle or compromise with any debtor or creditor of the gaming establishment.


Prosecute actions on behalf of or defend actions against the gaming establishment.


Enter into any contract or borrow money on behalf of the gaming establishment and pledge, mortgage or otherwise encumber its property as security for the repayment of any loan, except that the power to borrow money or encumber property is limited by any provision of an existing document of credit.


Grant or renew leases of the property of the gaming establishment.


Perform any other lawful acts on behalf of the gaming establishment which an owner is entitled to perform. This subsection does not authorize sale of the establishment by the supervisor.

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