NRS 453A.370

The Department shall adopt such regulations as it determines to be necessary or advisable to carry out the provisions of NRS 453A.320 to 453A.370, inclusive. Such regulations are in addition to any requirements set forth in statute and must, without limitation:


Prescribe the form and any additional required content of registration and renewal applications submitted pursuant to NRS 453A.322 and 453A.332.


Set forth rules pertaining to the safe and healthful operation of medical marijuana establishments, including, without limitation:


The manner of protecting against diversion and theft without imposing an undue burden on medical marijuana establishments or compromising the confidentiality of the holders of registry identification cards and letters of approval.


Minimum requirements for the oversight of medical marijuana establishments.


Minimum requirements for the keeping of records by medical marijuana establishments.


Provisions for the security of medical marijuana establishments, including, without limitation, requirements for the protection by a fully operational security alarm system of each medical marijuana establishment.


Procedures pursuant to which medical marijuana dispensaries must use the services of an independent testing laboratory to ensure that any marijuana, edible marijuana products and marijuana-infused products sold by the dispensaries to end users are tested for content, quality and potency in accordance with standards established by the Department.


Procedures pursuant to which a medical marijuana dispensary will be notified by the Department if a patient who holds a valid registry identification card or letter of approval has chosen the dispensary as his or her designated medical marijuana dispensary, as described in NRS 453A.366.


Minimum requirements for hemp, as defined in NRS 557.160, or a commodity or product made using such hemp which is used by a facility for the production of edible marijuana products or marijuana-infused products to manufacture edible marijuana products or marijuana-infused products or dispensed by a medical marijuana dispensary.


Establish circumstances and procedures pursuant to which the maximum fees set forth in NRS 453A.344 may be reduced over time to ensure that the fees imposed pursuant to NRS 453A.344 are, insofar as may be practicable, revenue neutral.


Set forth the amount of usable marijuana that a medical marijuana dispensary may dispense to a person who holds a valid registry identification card, including, without limitation, a designated primary caregiver, in any one 14-day period. Such an amount must not exceed the limits set forth in NRS 453A.200.


As far as possible while maintaining accountability, protect the identity and personal identifying information of each person who receives, facilitates or delivers services in accordance with this chapter.


In cooperation with the applicable professional licensing boards, establish a system to:


Register and track attending providers of health care who advise their patients that the medical use of marijuana may mitigate the symptoms or effects of the patient’s medical condition;


Insofar as is possible, track and quantify the number of times an attending provider of health care described in paragraph (a) makes such an advisement; and


Provide for the progressive discipline of attending providers of health care who advise the medical use of marijuana at a rate at which the Department, in consultation with the Division, and applicable board determine and agree to be unreasonably high.


Establish different categories of medical marijuana establishment agent registration cards, including, without limitation, criteria for training and certification, for each of the different types of medical marijuana establishments at which such an agent may be employed or volunteer or provide labor as a medical marijuana establishment agent.


Provide for the maintenance of a log by the Department, in consultation with the Division, of each person who is authorized to cultivate, grow or produce marijuana pursuant to subsection 6 of NRS 453A.200. The Department shall ensure that the contents of the log are available for verification by law enforcement personnel 24 hours a day.


Determine whether any provision of NRS 453A.350 or 453A.352 would make the operation of a medical marijuana establishment or marijuana establishment, as defined in NRS 453D.030, by a dual licensee, as defined in NRS 453D.030, unreasonably impracticable, as defined in NRS 453D.030.


Address such other matters as may assist in implementing the program of dispensation contemplated by NRS 453A.320 to 453A.370, inclusive.

Source: Section 453A.370 — Regulations., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-453A.­html#NRS453ASec370.

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