NRS 452.410
Certificate of occupancy required before sale of crypt or niche

  • exceptions.


Except as may otherwise be specifically authorized in writing by the Administrator, after the Division’s written approval of plans and specifications for the construction of a mausoleum or columbarium, no cemetery authority or person on behalf of such cemetery authority shall sell, offer for sale, contract to sell or negotiate the sale of a crypt or niche in any such advertised or projected structure before receiving a certificate of occupancy, unless the cemetery authority:


Provides a bond, if deemed necessary by the Administrator, in favor of the State of Nevada in an amount which is sufficient to cover the amount of sales commission that has been received from the buyer until the structure is completed and complies with paragraphs (c) and (d) of this subsection; or


Is able to provide a certificate of ownership for existing crypts or niches of comparable value to the one sold and includes a provision in each contract of sale that the purchaser has the right of exchange for an existing crypt or niche of comparable value; and


Deposits the net proceeds, remaining after payment of the sales commission, collected on the sale of such crypts or niches, into a trust for the purpose of the construction of the projected or advertised mausoleum or columbarium; and


Has provisions for satisfactory temporary entombment or interment, acceptable to the contract purchaser or the representative of the deceased contract beneficiary, pending completion of construction and delivery of the approved crypt or niche, when sold by reference to construction plans and specifications, in accordance with the terms of the sales contract.


Each contract for the sale of a mausoleum crypt or niche before a certificate of occupancy is obtained shall contain a provision substantially stating: “If the seller at any time finds himself or herself unable to fulfill this agreement owing to an act of God, strike, riot, order of civil or military authority or to any other unforeseen contingency, he or she shall return to the purchaser all moneys that may have been paid hereunder, and this agreement thereupon shall be void.”

Source: Section 452.410 — Certificate of occupancy required before sale of crypt or niche; exceptions., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-452.­html#NRS452Sec410.

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