NRS 451.635
Requirements for licensing of crematories and certification of persons operating crematory equipment.


No person may cremate human remains except in a crematory whose operator is licensed by the Nevada Funeral and Cemetery Services Board.


The licensed operator of a crematory shall ensure that all persons physically operating the crematory equipment have completed a crematory certification program approved by the Board and maintain proof of completion of the program at the site where the crematory equipment operated by the person is located. Such proof of completion must be made available to the Board upon request or as part of any inspection or investigation conducted by the Board.


Except as otherwise provided in subsection 4, if a crematory is proposed to be located in an incorporated city whose population is 60,000 or more or in an unincorporated town that is contiguous to such an incorporated city, the Board shall not issue a license to the applicant unless the proposed location of all structures associated with the crematory are:


In an area which is zoned for mixed, commercial or industrial use; and


At least 1,500 feet from the boundary line of any parcel zoned for residential use.


If a crematory proposes to cremate human remains only through alkaline hydrolysis, the Board may issue a license to the applicant regardless of the location if the board of county commissioners of the county or the governing body of the city or town, as applicable, in which the crematory is proposed to be located provides written notice to the Board consenting to the proposed location of the crematory.


The Board shall prescribe and furnish forms for application for licensing. An application must be in writing and contain:


The name and address of the applicant and the location or proposed location of the crematory;


A description of the structure and equipment to be used in operating the crematory; and


Any further information that the Board may reasonably require.


An application must be signed by the applicant personally, by one of the partners if the applicant is a partnership, or by an authorized officer if the applicant is a corporation or other form of business organization.


The Board shall examine the structure and equipment and, if applicable, the location and shall issue the license if:


It appears that the proposed operation will meet the requirements of NRS 451.600 to 451.715, inclusive; and


The applicant has paid all fees related to the application.


If the ownership of a crematory is to be changed, the proposed operator shall apply for licensing at least 30 days before the change.

Source: Section 451.635 — Requirements for licensing of crematories and certification of persons operating crematory equipment., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-451.­html#NRS451Sec635.

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