NRS 444A.110
Program of public education concerning disposal of solid waste, recycling, reuse and waste reduction

  • reduction of waste and litter
  • technical assistance
  • grants for projects concerning solid waste management systems and efficient use of resources
  • regulations governing administration of grants.


The Division shall develop a program of public education to provide information, increase public awareness of the individual responsibility of properly disposing of solid waste and encouraging public participation in recycling, reuse and waste reduction. The program must be designed in accordance with the plans to provide for a solid waste management system approved pursuant to NRS 444.510 to communicate the importance of conserving natural resources, in addition to the importance of protecting public health and the environment. The program must include promotion of the private and public efforts to accomplish conservation, recovery and reuse.


The Division shall encourage the reduction of waste and litter by:


Providing, upon request, advice to persons regarding techniques to reduce waste and general information on recycling.


Establishing a computer database to process related information.


Establishing a toll-free telephone line to assist in the dissemination of information.


Sponsoring or cosponsoring technical workshops and seminars on waste reduction.


Assisting local programs for the research and development of plans to reduce waste.


Coordinating the dissemination of publications on waste reduction, regardless of the source of those publications.


Assisting in the development and promotion of programs of continuing education for educators and administrators to enable them to teach and encourage methods of waste reduction.


Developing an emblem to signify and advertise the efforts in Nevada to encourage recycling.


Recommending to educational institutions courses and curricula relating to recycling and the reduction of waste.


Assisting state agencies, upon request, to develop and carry out programs for recycling within state buildings.


Encouraging the Nevada System of Higher Education to research and develop methods for the reduction, reclamation and conversion of solid waste, including, without limitation, encouraging the Nevada System of Higher Education to seek money from public and private sources for that purpose.


The Division shall coordinate the technical assistance available from the various state agencies. The Administrator of the Division shall prepare and deliver biennial reports to the Governor regarding the progress of the program.


The Division may award grants to municipalities, educational institutions and nonprofit organizations for projects that enhance solid waste management systems and promote the efficient use of resources. The Division shall consult a solid waste management authority before awarding a grant for a project within the jurisdiction of that solid waste management authority.


The State Environmental Commission shall adopt regulations governing the administration of grants awarded pursuant to subsection 4.


As used in this section, unless the context otherwise requires, “Division” means the Division of Environmental Protection of the State Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Source: Section 444A.110 — Program of public education concerning disposal of solid waste, recycling, reuse and waste reduction; reduction of waste and litter; technical assistance; grants for projects concerning solid waste management systems and efficient use of resources; regulations governing administration of grants., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-444A.­html#NRS444ASec110.

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