NRS 433.254
Administrator: Powers and duties.


The Administrator serves at the pleasure of the Director of the Department and shall:


Serve as the Executive Officer of the Division;


Administer the Division in accordance with the policies established by the Commission;


Make an annual report to the Director of the Department on the condition and operation of the Division, and such other reports as the Director may prescribe; and


Employ, within the limits of available money, the assistants and employees necessary to the efficient operation of the Division.


The Administrator may:


Appoint the administrative personnel necessary to operate the programs of the Division.


Delegate to the administrative officers the power to appoint medical, technical, clerical and operational staff necessary for the operation of the facilities of the Division.


If the Administrator finds that it is necessary or desirable that any employee reside at a facility operated by the Division or receive meals at such a facility, perquisites granted or charges for services rendered to that person are at the discretion of the Director of the Department.


The Administrator may accept persons referred to the Division for treatment pursuant to the provisions of NRS 458.290 to 458.350, inclusive.

Source: Section 433.254 — Administrator: Powers and duties., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-433.­html#NRS433Sec254.

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