NRS 432A.490
Expedition: Duties of field administrator

  • communication by field staff and support staff
  • provision of first aid
  • procedures for emergencies.

A field administrator shall ensure that:


While on an expedition, the field staff has a continuously reliable system for communication with the base camp by radio, including extra packs of charged batteries.


The support staff contacts the field staff, by radio or in person, at least once during every 24 hours of an expedition.


The base camp and any vehicles used for support are equipped with appropriate equipment for the administration of first aid.


The support staff knows:


The identity, location and telephone numbers or other means of communicating with appropriate persons to be contacted in emergencies; and


Appropriate procedures for responding to emergencies arising in the field, including the evacuation of persons participating in the program.

Source: Section 432A.490 — Expedition: Duties of field administrator; communication by field staff and support staff; provision of first aid; procedures for emergencies., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-432A.­html#NRS432ASec490.

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Feb. 5, 2021

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