Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 43.170
Effect of chapter.


This chapter, without reference to other statutes of this state, except as otherwise expressly provided in this chapter, shall constitute full authority for the exercise of the powers therein granted.


The powers conferred by this chapter shall be in addition and supplemental to, and not in substitution for, and the limitations imposed thereby shall not affect the powers conferred by, any other law.


Nothing contained in this chapter shall be construed as preventing the exercise of any power granted to the municipality, acting by and through the governing body, or any officer, agent or employee of the municipality, or otherwise, by any other law.


No part of this chapter shall repeal or affect any other law or part thereof, it being intended that this chapter shall provide a separate method of accomplishing its objectives and not an exclusive one; and this chapter shall not be construed as repealing, amending or changing any such other law.

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