Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 43.020
Legislative declaration.

The Legislature of the State of Nevada determines, finds and declares in connection with this chapter:


An early judicial examination into and determination of the validity of any power, instrument, act or project of any municipality promotes the health, comfort, safety, convenience and welfare of the people of this state.


The provision in this chapter of the purposes, powers, duties, privileges, immunities, rights, liabilities and disabilities pertaining to municipalities will serve a public function and effect a public purpose.


Any notice provided for in this chapter is reasonably calculated to inform each person of interest in any proceedings thereunder which may directly and adversely affect the person’s legally protected interests, if any.


The rule of strict construction shall have no application to this chapter, but this chapter shall be liberally construed to effect the purposes and objects for which it is intended.

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