NRS 388H.020
Establishment of statewide program by Department of Education

  • requirements of statewide program.


The Department of Education, after consulting with the Department of Corrections, shall:


Adopt regulations that establish a statewide program of education for incarcerated persons; and


Coordinate with and assist school districts in operating programs of education for incarcerated persons.


The statewide program may include courses of study for:


A high school diploma;


Basic literacy;


English as a second language;


General educational development;


Life skills;


Career and technical education; and


Postsecondary education.


The statewide program does not include the programs of general education, vocational education and training established by the Board of State Prison Commissioners pursuant to NRS 209.389.


The statewide program must establish:


Standards for each course of study that set forth the:




Qualifications for entry; and


Evaluation of incarcerated persons for placement; and


Procedures to ensure that an incarcerated person who earns credits in a program of education for incarcerated persons operated by a school district at a facility or institution shall, if transferred to a different facility or institution, transfer those credits to the program operated by a school district at that facility or institution.


As used in this section, “general educational development” means preparation for and administration of the standardized examinations or other high school equivalency assessments that enable persons who have not graduated from high school to demonstrate that they have achieved an educational level which denotes competency in core curriculum. The term includes programs for obtaining a general educational development certificate or an equivalent document.

Source: Section 388H.020 — Establishment of statewide program by Department of Education; requirements of statewide program., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-388H.­html#NRS388HSec020.

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