Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 38.340
Duties of Division: Maintenance of list of mediators and arbitrators; establishment of explanatory document.

For the purposes of NRS 38.300 to 38.360, inclusive, the Division shall establish and maintain:


A list of mediators and arbitrators who are available for mediation and arbitration of claims. The list must include mediators and arbitrators who, as determined by the Division, have received training and experience in mediation or arbitration and in the resolution of disputes concerning associations, including, without limitation, the interpretation, application and enforcement of covenants, conditions and restrictions pertaining to residential property and the articles of incorporation, bylaws, rules and regulations of an association. In establishing and maintaining the list, the Division may use lists of qualified persons maintained by any organization which provides mediation or arbitration services. Before including a mediator or arbitrator on a list established and maintained pursuant to this section, the Division may require the mediator or arbitrator to present proof satisfactory to the Division that the mediator or arbitrator has received the training and experience required for mediators or arbitrators pursuant to this section.


A document which contains a written explanation of the procedures for mediating and arbitrating claims and for a program pursuant to NRS 38.300 to 38.360, inclusive.

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