Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 38.300

As used in NRS 38.300 to 38.360, inclusive, unless the context otherwise requires:


“Assessments” means:


Any charge which an association may impose against an owner of residential property pursuant to a declaration of covenants, conditions and restrictions, including any late charges, interest and costs of collecting the charges; and


Any penalties, fines, fees and other charges which may be imposed by an association pursuant to paragraphs (j) to (n), inclusive, of subsection 1 of NRS 116.3102 or subsections 10, 11 and 12 of NRS 116B.420.


“Association” has the meaning ascribed to it in NRS 116.011 or 116B.030.


“Civil action” includes an action for money damages or equitable relief. The term does not include an action in equity for injunctive relief in which there is an immediate threat of irreparable harm, or an action relating to the title to residential property.


“Division” means the Real Estate Division of the Department of Business and Industry.


“Program” means a program established by the Division under which a person, including, without limitation, a referee or hearing officer, can render decisions on disputes relating to:


The interpretation, application or enforcement of any covenants, conditions or restrictions applicable to residential property or any bylaws, rules or regulations adopted by an association; or


The procedures used for increasing, decreasing or imposing additional assessments upon residential property.


“Residential property” includes, but is not limited to, real estate within a planned community subject to the provisions of chapter 116 of NRS or real estate within a condominium hotel subject to the provisions of chapter 116B of NRS. The term does not include commercial property if no portion thereof contains property which is used for residential purposes.

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