Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 37.085
Hearing after defendant’s default: Determination of value and damages by court; judgment.


Where any defendant has failed to:


Answer within the time allowed, and the clerk has entered the defendant’s default; or


Appear at the time set for trial, whether such trial be before the court with or without a jury, and the court has directed that the defendant’s default be entered,
Ê the court shall proceed to conduct a hearing to determine the value of the property and any damages.


For the purpose of the hearing required by this section, the court may consider, by affidavit or otherwise:


Proof of the value of the property taken;


The damages, if any, which may result from the condemnation; and


The amount, if any, alleged in the complaint to be just compensation, and shall enter such judgment as it deems proper.

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