Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 37.070
Contents of complaint; inclusion of separate parcels in same or separate proceedings.


The complaint must contain:


The name of the court in which the action is commenced.


The name of the corporation, partnership, association, commission or person in charge of the public use for which the property is sought, who must be styled plaintiff.


The names of all owners, occupants and claimants of the property, if known, or a statement that they are unknown, who must be styled defendants.


A statement of the right of the plaintiff.


If a right-of-way is sought, the complaint must show the location, general route and termini, and must be accompanied with a map thereof, so far as the right-of-way is involved in the action or proceeding.


A description of each piece of land sought to be taken, and whether it includes the whole or only part of an entire parcel or tract.


All parcels lying in the county and required for the same public use may be included in the same or separate proceedings, at the option of the plaintiff, but the court may consolidate or separate them to suit the conveniences of parties. Each defendant, at the defendant’s option, may have a separate trial.

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