Nevada Public Property and Purchasing
Sec. § 333A.130
Monitoring of cost savings attributable to operating cost-savings measures.


During the term of a performance contract, the qualified service company shall monitor the reductions in energy or water consumption and other operating cost savings attributable to the operating cost-savings measure purchased or installed under the performance contract, and shall prepare and provide a report to the using agency documenting the performance of the operating cost-savings measures:


At the time that the work required by the performance contract is completed and 1 year after that work is completed; or


At such other intervals as specified in the performance contract.


A qualified service company and the using agency may agree to make modifications in the calculation of savings based on:


Subsequent material changes to the baseline consumption of energy or water identified at the beginning of the term of the performance contract.


A change in utility rates.


A change in the number of days in the billing cycle of a utility.


A change in the total square footage of the building.


A change in the operational schedule, and any corresponding change in the occupancy and indoor temperature, of the building.


A material change in the weather.


A material change in the amount of equipment or lighting used at the building.


Any other change which reasonably would be expected to modify the use of energy or the cost of energy.
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