Nevada Public Property and Purchasing
Sec. § 333A.084
Requirements for comprehensive audits.


Each comprehensive audit performed pursuant to paragraph (b) of subsection 1 of NRS 333A.082 must include, without limitation:


An assessment of any operating cost-savings measure that might be implemented within the building of the using agency, including, without limitation, any operating cost-savings measure specifically requested by the using agency;


An estimate of the costs associated with implementing an operating cost-savings measure described in paragraph (a);


A comparison of the energy and water consumption in the building of the using agency to the energy and water consumption in similar buildings; and


A report that compares the current pattern of the costs to the using agency associated with energy consumption, water consumption and the disposal of waste, and related labor costs, to the projected costs if the using agency implements operating cost-savings measures.


A comprehensive audit must be based on:


A review and analysis of the historical energy and water usage of the using agency; and


Surveys, plans, specifications or drawings that provide details of the structure or design of the building of the using agency.
3. The using agency shall provide to each qualified service company that intends to perform a comprehensive audit the records of the energy and water consumption of the building.
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