Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 32.355
Receivership in another state; ancillary proceeding.


The court may appoint a receiver appointed in another state, or that person’s nominee, as an ancillary receiver with respect to property located in this State or subject to the jurisdiction of the court for which a receiver could be appointed under NRS 32.100 to 32.370, inclusive, if:


The person or nominee would be eligible to serve as receiver under NRS 32.265; and


The appointment furthers the person’s possession, custody, control or disposition of property subject to the receivership in the other state.


The court may issue an order that gives effect to an order entered in another state appointing or directing a receiver.


Unless the court orders otherwise, an ancillary receiver appointed under subsection 1 has the rights, powers and duties of a receiver appointed under NRS 32.100 to 32.370, inclusive.

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