Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 32.350
Final report of receiver; discharge.


On completion of a receiver’s duties, the receiver shall file a final report including:


A description of the activities of the receiver in the conduct of the receivership;


A list of receivership property at the commencement of the receivership and any receivership property received during the receivership;


A list of disbursements, including payments to professionals engaged by the receiver;


A list of dispositions of receivership property;


A list of distributions made or proposed to be made from the receivership for creditor claims;


If not filed separately, a request for approval of the payment of fees and expenses of the receiver; and


Any other information required by the court.


If the court approves a final report filed under subsection 1 and the receiver distributes all receivership property, the receiver is discharged.

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