Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 31.890
Return of property to defendant upon giving written undertaking.

At any time before the delivery of the property to the plaintiff, the defendant may, if the defendant does not except to the sureties of the plaintiff, require the return thereof, upon the filing with the court, and serving of a copy upon the plaintiff or the plaintiff’s attorney, of a written undertaking, approved by the court and executed by two or more sufficient sureties, to the effect that they are bound in double the value of the property, as stated in the affidavit of the plaintiff, for the delivery thereof to the plaintiff, if such delivery be adjudged, and for payment to the plaintiff of such sum as may for any cause be recovered against the defendant. If a return of the property is not so required within 5 days after the taking thereof and the serving of the writ of possession and undertaking upon the defendant, it shall be delivered to the plaintiff, except as provided in NRS 31.940.

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