Nevada Remedies; Special Actions and Proceedings

Sec. § 31.866
Writ of possession.


The writ of possession shall be directed to the sheriff within whose jurisdiction the property is located. It shall describe the specific property to be seized, and shall specify the location or locations where, as determined by the court from all the evidence, there is probable cause to believe the property or some part thereof will be found. It shall direct the levying officer to seize it if it is found, and to retain it in the officer’s custody. There shall be attached to such writ a copy of the written undertaking filed by the plaintiff, and such writ shall inform the defendant that the defendant has the right to except to the sureties upon such undertaking or to file a written undertaking for the redelivery of such property, as provided in NRS 31.890.


Upon probable cause shown by further affidavit or declaration by plaintiff or someone on the plaintiff’s behalf, filed with the court, a writ of possession may be endorsed by the court, without further notice, to direct the levying officer to search for the property at another location or locations and to seize it, if found.

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