Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293.4695
County clerks required to collect and report certain information concerning election processes; Secretary of State to solicit and collect voter comments regarding election processes; report to Legislature.


Each county clerk shall collect the following information regarding each primary and general election, on a form provided by the Secretary of State and made available at each polling place in the county, each polling place for early voting in the county, the office of the county clerk and any other location deemed appropriate by the Secretary of State:


The number of ballots that have been discarded or for any reason not included in the final canvass of votes, along with an explanation for the exclusion of each such ballot from the final canvass of votes.


A report on each malfunction of any mechanical voting system, including, without limitation:


Any known reason for the malfunction;


The length of time during which the mechanical voting system could not be used;


Any remedy for the malfunction which was used at the time of the malfunction; and


Any effect the malfunction had on the election process.


A list of each polling place not open during the time prescribed pursuant to NRS 293.273 and an account explaining why each such polling place was not open during the time prescribed pursuant to NRS 293.273.


A description of each challenge made to the eligibility of a voter pursuant to NRS 293.303 and the result of each such challenge.


A description of each complaint regarding a ballot cast by mail or facsimile filed with the county clerk and the resolution, if any, of the complaint.


The results of any audit of election procedures and practices conducted pursuant to regulations adopted by the Secretary of State pursuant to this chapter.


The number of provisional ballots cast and the reason for the casting of each provisional ballot.


Each county clerk shall submit to the Secretary of State, on a form provided by the Secretary of State, the information collected pursuant to subsection 1 not more than 60 days after each primary and general election.


The Secretary of State may contact any political party and request information to assist in the investigation of any allegation of voter intimidation.


The Secretary of State shall establish and maintain an Internet website pursuant to which the Secretary of State shall solicit and collect voter comments regarding election processes.


The Secretary of State shall compile the information and comments collected pursuant to this section into a report and shall submit the report to the Director of the Legislative Counsel Bureau for transmission to the Legislature not sooner than 30 days before and not later than 30 days after the first day of each regular session of the Legislature.


The Secretary of State may make the report required pursuant to subsection 5 available on an Internet website established and maintained by the Secretary of State.

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