Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293.417
Judgment of court in election contest.


If, in any contest, the court finds from the evidence that a person other than the defendant received the greatest number of legal votes, the court, as a part of the judgment, shall declare that person elected or nominated.


The person declared nominated or elected by the court is entitled to a certificate of nomination or election. If a certificate has not been issued to that person, the county clerk, city clerk or Secretary of State shall execute and deliver to the person a certificate of election or a certificate of nomination.


If a certificate of election or nomination to the same office has been issued to any person other than the one declared elected by the court, that certificate must be annulled by the judgment of the court.


Whenever an election is annulled or set aside by the court, and the court does not declare some candidate elected, the certificate of election or the commission, if any has been issued, is void and the office is vacant.

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