Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293.407
Filing of written statement of contest with clerk of district court; verification.


A candidate at any election, or any registered voter of the appropriate political subdivision, may contest the election of any candidate, except for the office of United States Senator or Representative in Congress.


Except where the contest involves the general election for the office of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Assemblyman, Assemblywoman, State Senator, justice of the Supreme Court or judge of the Court of Appeals, a candidate or voter who wishes to contest an election, including election to the office of presidential elector, must, within the time prescribed in NRS 293.413, file with the clerk of the district court a written statement of contest, setting forth:


The name of the contestant and that the contestant is a registered voter of the political subdivision in which the election to be contested or part of it was held;


The name of the defendant;


The office to which the defendant was declared elected;


The particular grounds of contest and the section of Nevada Revised Statutes pursuant to which the statement is filed; and


The date of the declaration of the result of the election and the body or board which canvassed the returns thereof.


The contestant shall verify the statement of contest in the manner provided for the verification of pleadings in civil actions.


All material regarding a contest filed by a contestant with the clerk of the district court must be filed in triplicate.

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