Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293.333
Procedure for depositing absent ballots in ballot box; period for counting of absent ballots.

Except as otherwise provided in NRS 293D.200, on the day of an election, the election boards receiving the absent voters’ ballots from the county clerk shall, in the presence of a majority of the election board officers, remove the ballots from the ballot box and the containers in which the ballots were transported pursuant to NRS 293.325 and deposit the ballots in the regular ballot box in the following manner:


The name of the voter, as shown on the return envelope or approved electronic transmission must be called and checked as if the voter were voting in person;


The signature on the back of the return envelope or on the approved electronic transmission must be compared with that on the application to register to vote;


If the board determines that the absent voter is entitled to cast a ballot, the envelope must be opened, the numbers on the ballot and envelope or approved electronic transmission compared, the number strip or stub detached from the ballot and, if the numbers are the same, the ballot deposited in the regular ballot box; and


The election board officers shall indicate in the roster “Voted” by the name of the voter.

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