Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293.323
Delivery of absent ballot and voting supplies; return of absent ballot; recordation of certain information by county clerk; regulations.


Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2 and chapter 293D of NRS, if the request for an absent ballot is made by mail or approved electronic transmission, the county clerk shall, as soon as the official absent ballot for the precinct or district in which the applicant resides has been printed, send to the voter by first-class mail, or by any class of mail if the Official Election Mail logo or an equivalent logo or mark created by the United States Postal Service is properly placed on the official absent ballot:


An absent ballot;


A return envelope;


An envelope or similar device into which the ballot is inserted to ensure its secrecy;


An identification envelope, if applicable; and




If the county clerk fails to send an absent ballot pursuant to subsection 1 to a voter who resides within the continental United States, the county clerk may use approved electronic transmission to send an absent ballot and instructions to the voter. The voter may mail the absent ballot to the county clerk or submit the absent ballot by approved electronic transmission.


The return envelope sent pursuant to subsection 1 must include postage prepaid by first-class mail if the absent voter is within the boundaries of the United States, its territories or possessions or on a military base.


Nothing may be enclosed or sent with an absent ballot except as required by subsection 1 or 2 and chapter 293D of NRS.


Before depositing a ballot in the mail or sending a ballot by approved electronic transmission, the county clerk shall record the date the ballot is issued, the name of the registered voter to whom it is issued, the registered voter’s precinct or district, and political affiliation, if any, the number of the ballot and any remarks the county clerk finds appropriate.


The Secretary of State shall adopt regulations to carry out the provisions of subsection 2.

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