Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293.227
Designation of chair; duties; restrictions upon participation of trainees; training; travel expenses for training.


Each election board must have one member designated as the chair by the county or city clerk. The election boards shall make the records of election required by this chapter.


The appointment of a trainee as set forth in NRS 293.2175 and 293C.222 may be used to determine the number of members on the election board, but under no circumstances may:


The election board of any polling place include more than one trainee; or


A trainee serve as chair of the election board.


The county or city clerk shall conduct or cause to be conducted a school to acquaint the members of an election board with the election laws, duties of election boards, regulations of the Secretary of State and with the procedure for making the records of election and using the register for election boards.


The board of county commissioners of any county or the city council of any city may reimburse the members of an election board who attend the school for their travel expenses at a rate not exceeding 10 cents per mile.

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