Nevada Elections

Sec. § 293.225
Continuing powers and duties of election boards; reserve officers of election board; procedure for filling vacancies.


Members of election boards continue as such from the day before the day of the election, until the time for filing contests of the election has expired.


Each member of an election board is subject to call by the board of county commissioners or city council to correct any errors discovered during the canvass of votes by the board of county commissioners or city council.


Reserve election board officers must be appointed by the county or city clerk, if practicable, to fill any vacancy which occurs on the day of the election, and the reserve officers must be compensated if they serve at the polls.


If a vacancy occurs in any election board on the day of the election and no reserves are available, the election board may appoint, at the polling place, any registered voter who is willing to serve and satisfies the election board that he or she possesses the qualifications required to perform the services required.

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