Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 286.541
Application for service retirement allowance or disability retirement allowance; effective date of retirement; rights of present or former spouse; System exempted from liability for false designation of marital status by member or retired member.


Applications for service retirement allowances or disability retirement allowances must be submitted to the offices of the System on forms approved by the Executive Officer. The form shall not be deemed filed unless it contains:


The member’s selection of the retirement plan contained in NRS 286.551 or one of the optional plans provided in NRS 286.590;


A notarized statement of the marital status of the member; and


If the member is married, a statement of the spouse’s consent or objection to the chosen retirement plan, signed by the spouse and notarized.


Except as otherwise required by NRS 286.533, retirement becomes effective on whichever of the following days is the later:


The day immediately following the applicant’s last day of employment;


The day the completed application form is filed with the System;


The day immediately following the applicant’s last day of creditable service; or


The effective date of retirement specified on the application form.


The selection of a retirement plan by a member and consent or objection to that plan by the spouse pursuant to this section does not affect the responsibility of the member concerning the rights of any present or former spouse.


The System is not liable for any damages resulting from the false designation of marital status by a member or retired member.

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