Nevada Public Officers and Employees

Sec. § 286.501
Computation of credit for service: Employees of school districts and professional staff of Nevada System of Higher Education.

Each member who is employed by a school district for less than 12 months per school year and each member of the professional staff of the Nevada System of Higher Education employed for the academic year who is employed for less than 12 months per fiscal year is credited with service as follows:


Service is credited on the basis of a full year if the member works full-time for the full school year.


Employment for a part of a school year is credited on a ratio of one and one-third days for each day worked, but credit may not be given in advance or until the appropriate period has expired.


A full year of service is not credited until the full 12-month period has expired. If the employee begins work under a new contract before the expiration of the 12-month period for the old contract, credit must be granted for the period of overlap, as certified by the school district, at the first period in which there is a lapse in service.


Service credit under this section must be computed according to:


The school year for school district employees.


The fiscal year for members of the professional staff of the Nevada System of Higher Education.


A member receives full credit while on sabbatical leave if the public employer certifies that the compensation and contributions reported for the member are the same as if the member were employed full-time. If the employer does not so certify, the member receives credit in the proportion that the member’s actual compensation bears to the member’s previous compensation.
Ê No member may receive less credit under this section than was provided under the law in force when the credit was earned.

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