Nevada Cities and Towns
Sec. § 265.090
City’s governing board may file declaration of incorporation; duties of Attorney General.


It is lawful for any governing board of any incorporated city in this state to cause to be filed in the Office of the Secretary of State and in the Office of the Attorney General its declaration that the city is and remains incorporated according to law. If such declaration is not substantially true the Attorney General shall immediately proceed according to law to establish or disprove the right of the city to act as an incorporated city.


The Attorney General shall consult the official records from time to time and advise the Secretary of State, in writing, declaring the date when any incorporated city becomes disincorporated by the force of NRS 265.010 to 265.100, inclusive, and the Secretary of State shall keep such advices in writing on file and of record in his or her office.


This section does not provide any condition affecting the taking effect of NRS 265.010 to 265.100, inclusive, or in any manner postponing the effect of those sections.
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