NRS 244A.621
Additional powers of board.

The county fair and recreation board, in addition to the other powers conferred upon a county fair and recreation board by NRS 244A.597 to 244A.655, inclusive, may:


Set aside a fund in an amount that it considers necessary and which may be expended in the discretion of the board to promote or attract conventions, meetings and like gatherings that will utilize the recreational facilities authorized by NRS 244A.597. The expenditure is hereby declared to be an expenditure made for a public purpose.


Solicit and promote tourism and gaming generally, both individually and through annual grants in cash or in kind including lease of its facilities to the chambers of commerce of the incorporated cities within the county which respectively represent all of the residents of those cities, or other nonprofit groups or associations, and further promote generally the use of its facilities, pursuant to lease agreements, by organized groups or by the general public for the holding of conventions, expositions, trade shows, entertainment, sporting events, cultural activities or similar uses reasonably calculated to produce revenue for the board and to enhance the general economy. The promotion of tourism, gaming or the use of facilities may include advertising the facilities under control of the board and the resources of the community or area, including tourist accommodations, transportation, entertainment, gaming and climate. The advertising may be done jointly with a private enterprise.


Enter into contracts for advertising pursuant to this section and pay the cost of the advertising, including a reasonable commission.

Source: Section 244A.621 — Additional powers of board., https://www.­leg.­state.­nv.­us/NRS/NRS-244A.­html#NRS244ASec621.

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