Nevada State Judicial Department

Sec. § 1A.510
Disability retirement allowance: Consequences of employment of recipient.


Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, whenever a recipient of a disability retirement allowance pursuant to NRS 1A.480 returns to employment as a justice of the Supreme Court, judge of the Court of Appeals, district judge, justice of the peace or municipal judge, the allowance must be discontinued and the member’s service credit at the time of disability retirement must be restored. The member shall retire under the same retirement plan previously selected for retirement on account of disability if the member returns to disability retirement or elects service retirement within 1 year after the member’s return to employment.


A recipient of a disability retirement allowance may be employed and continue to receive his or her allowance if the member applies to the Board for approval of the employment before the member begins to work and the Board approves the member’s application. The application must include:


A full description of the proposed employment; and


A statement written by the member of the System declaring the reasons why the proposed employment should not be found to conflict with the member’s disability.

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